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May 5th, 2009   

Economic Mission – Manitoba

Ambassador Khaled Bahah is standing next to the Premier of Manitoba Mr. Gary Doer in addition to other diplomats from various embassies who attended the event

Ambassador Bahah and a team of other Heads of Missions and Embassy Representatives attended a three day mission from May 5 to May 7, 2009 in Manitoba organized by the Office of Protocol at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa and in Manitoba. Similar to the program that took place in Ottawa in March, the focus of the mission was to present to the Heads of Missions an opportunity to meet valuable contacts and familiar themselves with the Canadian based technology companies in Manitoba and operations of innovative technology companies that are actively involved in conducting and seeking international business.

The program was launched with a warm welcome by Ottawa’s Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Corps Services, Mr. Albert Galpin, Chief of Protocol and Mr. Dwight MacAulay and Ms. Karen Bryk of the Government of Manitoba.

A reception was hosted in honour of the invitees by the President and C.E.O of the Agence National et international du Manitoba (ANIM) Ms. Mariette Mulaire, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. The event showcased Winnipeg market in the global economic world and its local arts and entertainment.

The programme included a tour of the following companies:

The Ambassador was then delighted to meet with the Premier of Manitoba, the Hon. Gary Doer (www.gov.mb.ca) at an evening reception and tour hosted at the Manitoba Legislative Building.

In addition the guests had the opportunity to visit the Mac Don Manufacturing Breakfast Round Table (www.macdon.com) hosted by Manitoba Trade Bill Teerhuis, and later on a tour of the Manitoba Hydro (www.hydro.mb.ca), a tour of the Floodway Control Centre and Gate (www.floodwayauthority.mb.ca), a meeting with Dr. Lloyd Axworthy at the University of Winnipeg (www.uwinnipeg.ca).

The invitees were honored with a final farewell reception that took place on the last day of their visit hosted by Minister Ron Lemiux at the James A. Richardson International Airport.

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