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London, Ontario (1926, 2014)   


Twenty-seven years ago, Dr Martin Robinson, a renowned surgeon from London, Ontario, became the first Canadian physician to be invited to Yemen. On that inaugural visit, which was to become an annual event, he was accompanied by other prominent physicians and they became known as the Canadian Medical Delegation.

Over the years Dr Robinson and his many colleagues donated their time and tireless energy to providing assistance and teaching to the medical community in Yemen. In this capacity he served to profoundly benefit the Yemeni people and transformed their motto “Teach the Teachers!” from a mere slogan into a remarkable and triumphant battle cry, resulting in the significant advancement of medical wisdom in Yemen.

Sadly, earlier this month, after 88 brilliant years on this earth, we lost this radiant human being, a remarkable man to whom we owe such an enormous debt. This loss will not diminish his on-going presence in Yemen, a country that remains the beneficiary of his greatest asset – his generosity of spirit; whose population has become the heir to a vast and growing body of medical expertise that has saved and continues to improve the lives of countless individuals.

Our heartfelt thanks, Dr Marty, you will forever be our treasured mentor, dear colleague and beloved brother!

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