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Mishal: Sana'a Declaration one reference for Palestinian reconciliation
 23 February 2009

DAMASCUS, Feb. 23 (Saba)- Head of the Political Office of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Khalid Mishal renewed on Monday welcome of the movement of the Yemeni initiative for reconciliation of the Palestinian factions, noting that Sana'a Declaration which was signed between Hamas and Fatah in 2008 will be one of the references on which the Palestinian reconciliation will depend.

In a statement to Yemen satellite channel, he said that "we welcomed the Yemeni initiative for its distinguished status in our side," making clear that his talks with President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Damascus dealt with fixing four reference for reconciliation: Cairo Accord 2005, Mecca Accord 2007, Yemeni Initiative and Sana'a Declaration.

He expressed hope that these references be of support to reach a national Palestinian reconciliation.

He also affirmed that importance of achieving this reconciliation as it is a national necessity under the Israeli oppression.

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