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March 2009   

The Yemen’s initiative for the establishment of the Arab Union

Arab Parliament approved the Yemen’s Arab initiative on the development of mechanisms of joint Arab action and the establishment of the Federation of Arab States. It was decided to bring forward this topic at the meetings of the Arab summit in Doha.
The aim of the Yemeni initiative is to respond to the challenges and keep pace with the current developments in the region and the world, the political and economical defense strategy, security and comprehensive social, based on the principles of stability, based on the fact that the Arab nation is capable of re-organization, coordination and consolidation of capabilities and potential for the integration of the Arab political and economic destruction.

The Yemeni initiative is based on a number of fundamental principles including respect for the sovereignty of each Arab country and respect of its territorial integrity and unity of the national right of every State to choose the system of government and non-interference in internal affairs, as well as non-recognition of access to power by force or illegal means in any Arab country and to stop the membership of any Member State under that until the restoration of legitimacy in addition to access to regional Arab security system to protect Member States and enhance its contribution to international peace and security and the commitment of Member States to resolve their differences peacefully and rejected the use of force to resolve their disputes and commitment to the Charter of the United Nations and bilateral agreements between Member States and the maintenance of international security and stability, combating terrorism.

The Yemen’s initiative (Arabic Format)

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