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Akram Al-Otumi, Recipient of the Sagewood Group Award for Entrepreneurship a prestigious academic award

Ottawa, Canada (June, 2011)

Mr. Akram Saleh Al-Otumi is a Yemeni student who recently won the Sagewood Group Award for Entrepreneurship, a prestigious academic award from Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia. Akram was awarded the Sagewood Group Award for his outstanding business plan, his innovative idea and for his exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. Following a presentation to a panel of experienced judgeís, Akramís name was put forth from a large pool of applicants to be considered for the award. One month later, following further review Akram received word that he had been awarded the Sagewood Group Award. Akram is one presentation away from completing the Entrepreneurship Skills Program at Dalhousie University. He is also in his final year of his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Dalhousie University where he is majoring in Marketing Management.

During his time in Halifax Akram has been very involved with both the university community and the greater Halifax community. He spent the past year working part time as a student ambassador with the Registrarís Office at Dalhousie University. Akram is also the newly elected President of (WUSC) World University Service of Canada at Dalhousie University for the 2011-2012 school year. WUSC is a non profit organization which is known in many countries for its Student Refugee Program. Many of the Canadian universities are involved with WUSC and every year Dalhousie University has two students arriving through this program and the committee that Akram oversees is responsible for getting them settled in Halifax. Through his involvement with WUSC Akram also acts as an organizer for many fundraising and promotional campaigns under the WUSC umbrella such Bike for Aids and the Shine a Light campaign for enhancing womenís education around the world. Additionally, Akram is a member in the Marketing Society at Dalhousie University and is in the process on founding the Entrepreneurship Society at Dalhousie University. Based on his own experiences Akram strongly encourages the Yemeni students to get involved and give back to their schools and communities.

Recently Akram started his own business, Azal Student Agency (www.azalcanada.com) a logistical, social and academic based agency for students in Halifax, N.S. as part of his summer work term. Akram recognized the need for these services as well as the opportunities that are available with the growing student market in Halifax.

Special thanks from Akram are given to his parents, his family and friends. In particular Akram would like to thank his father, Mr. Saleh Al-Otumi who has inspired Akram to take the leap into entrepreneurship. He would also like to thank Dalhousie University and the Yemeni Embassy in Canada for their continuing support.

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