Transport sector

The transport sector and its various branches constitute an important component of the infrastructure of the national economy and the mainstay of comprehensive economic and social development, since road network represents the basis of development and its growth, The Yemeni political leadership has given transport considerable attention by linking Yemeni lands with local and international network, since the length of the implemented road network until 2005 was (26361.8 km) (11394.8 km) asphalt roads, (14967.5 km) gravelled roads, The rate of growth of asphalt roads: (62.4%) between the years (2000-2005) and the rate of growth of road during the same period :8,920 (175%).

As for maritime transport the State has sought to develop and expand the Yemeni ports' capacities till Yemen has a number of international ports most importantly: Aden-Hudayyida - Mukalla-Nashtoon, Regarding the fundamentals of air transport , many domestic airports were established and developed to become international airports where the number of international airports reached (6) airports, (Sana'a - Aden-Taiz - Hudayyida-Al-Rayyan - Seoun), This sector contributes to the gross domestic production by a percentage ranging between (10-13)% annually.